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Jan 25, 2013 7:00pm PST
: thousands of the brand-new against all odds shirts were printed today. on them are nfl player stickers showing they are the real deal. >> they are nfl sticker on it. that says, boom, because those stickers are numbered and whatever else and we have to account for them. >> but there are are plenty of knock offs, the vendors took off when we started asking questions. >> why not. is this not legitimate merchandise? >> reporter: one of the tell tell signs is the label would have been slit. poor quality graphics or a cheap price tag. and officially licensed products will carry an nfl hologram or a tag or sticker from the player's association. >> i try to get the official licensed product. i don't like to buy knock offs. >> reporter: the nfl confirms they have inspectors here and in baltimore and new orleans looking out for unlicensed items. police officers also tell us they cited several vendors today who were breaking the rules. in san francisco, back to you. >>> for superstitious fans the jerseys and hats are constant companions during the game. >> for commercial i have to have the hat
Jan 23, 2013 7:00pm PST
death was accuses the nfl of hiding the dangers of repetive dangers of the head. indicating he had a degenerative brain disease likely caused by violent hits. >>> the new top boeing a fix is im independent. congressman rick larson from washington state says he refuses to second guess the faa's decision to ground boeing's 787 fleet last week due to an over heating problem with litd yum ion batteries. faa and boeing have told him the grounding of the plains should not last long. it is located in larson's district and largest employer. >>> art can often be a hot button issue. but in the next story things perhaps went a little too far. at a san francisco art exhibit went up in flames. marty spoke exclusive lavmly with the artist and was told it went on purpose. >>reporter: it was created by this woman, claire fon cane as part of an intercontactive. -- flair fontaine. >> very dangerous but noble work. come here and see the people are playing with fire and they don't like it. >>reporter: fontaine insisted the exhibit was safe. they tested it. fire retardant used on the wall and no one wa
Jan 24, 2013 7:00pm PST
and jimmy go policy says it's great for the nfl and the fans. i love the fact that kaepernick had, i believe it was only 21 yards rushing against the falcons because it showed he's not a 1 pointer guy. >> who's going to win, as if you have to ask? >> my opinion, the 49ers will win this by more than 3 and a half pints and they're going to carry the sixth -- points and they're going to carry the trophy back to san francisco. >> he's enjoying watching their success from the outside. at candy stick park. >>> mission impossible 3 director, jj abrams has taken on the next star wars movie. the web site, the rab rap saying -- episode seven7 is expected to be released in 2015. >> the 1 night where everyone wants to look their best. coming up, ensuring high school girls look fabulous on 1 of the most memorable nights of their live. >>> chief meteorologist shows us the prospects for more rain ahead. . >>> air quality managers have declared tomorrow, the 9th winter spare day of the season of the the light rain hasn't been enough to scrub unhealthy particles out of the air. no burning unless their source
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3